What’s up in March

Hey all,
What an amazing couple of months it has been already. I am so excited for what 2016 has in store.
We just got back from Nashville and what a trip. I had the opportunity to play at the iconic Bluebird Cafe. I cannot tell you what an experience that was. The fact that I stood where so many of the greats have. Where so many songwriters and performers like me once stood with the same wide eyed, heart pounding crazy nervous excitement.
I want to thank everyone for sharing in the journey and for being so supportive. It is a very strange thing to share your life and dreams with the world however, for me it has made it so much more fun. Your words of inspiration and encouragement remind me that the gift I’ve been given should be shared. I thank you all.

March is going to be another great month with some really fun new adventures. I have started a Live stream on Friday nights that I hope you will all join in on. Check out the app Periscope on your smart phone. This is attached to your twitter handle so you’ll need to set that up. It is really easy and interactive. You can jump on from wherever you’re at. Bluebird  Cafe Find me at @Music_Sandy

Here is our line up for March and as always you can find us on the website under the Events page.

March 12th – Carey-On Saloon / Col. Springs
March 19th – Stampede / Aurora
March 22nd – McCarthy’s / Aurora

Look forward to seeing you all very soon. God Bless !