The Love Month !

Wow how time goes! I cannot believe we’re already in February. What a great year we had in 2015 with the release of Drive and some amazing shows including opening for Kristian Bush and Aaron Watson.
I am so very excited for what’s to come this year. I have, like many others made some resolutions this year and I intend to follow through :).
It amazes me how life spins and spins and before you know it the Mary-go-round is out of control and getting off means a major tumble. My biggest hope and goal for myself is to control the speed on the playground and to really take in every moment.
I am so blessed in my life and all too often I’m going so fast I don’t stop a take in all the blessings I have. I hope you’ll do the same. Be in the moment and take in all the amazing blessings in this life.
The title “The Love Month” was chosen with a fun challenge in mind. I often find that we live in a very negative world. We are surrounded by social media that can cause so many insecurities and it makes no sense but, it happens. I have found that sometimes after reading or cruising facebook or Twitter I feel bad about myself. Another artist has more followers, someone negatively responded to my post, etc. Come on this is crazy but, I believe this is a phenomenon that is taking us over. Here’s my challenge for Feb. Daily I am going to post something I love about myself or my life. The idea is that I become my own cheerleader and am able to remind myself of my amazing qualities that make me unique.
I hope you’ll share in this fun and confidence boosting challenge! We are all amazing individuals with so much to offer. We can only be our best when we believe in ourselves first.

Here’s to the amazing person you are and to a very exciting 2016!

Can’t wait to see you at the next show and God Bless!