Sandy Wells

Singer Songwriter Sandy Wells is originally from a small town in Southern Oregon.  Her roots run deep in early pop Country and Southern Rock.   Music that raises a strong emotion yet keeps your foot tapping, she’s got something to say.
She released her first Album in March of 2012 with ten songs she wrote and arranged.    Sandy is currently playing and singing throughout Colorado and surrounding areas building a dedicated fan base of people who love her strong lyrics and powerful voice.
She continues to write new material and is looking forward to releasing a second Album sometime in 2014.
Her album “Here I Go” speaks to the truth of a woman’s fight to come back to who she is and find hope and strength in past choices and life events.
Sandy’s strong sense of self yet honest vulnerability is what her fans connect with.  Her voice is powerful and sultry.  She leaves it all on the stage when she plays and everything she feels come out in her music.
“People love music because it’s honest; Music doesn’t lie, it can’t, it comes from way too deep a place.  You can say whatever you want in a song because most of the time it’s the feeling of the music that people connect with.  If you have the courage to follow the music up with honest  lyrics you’ve just tapped into a soul! That doesn’t mean you have to over think and get technical it just means that you have to be open to what people want and need to feel.  Human Nature, Life, we all live it, we all feel it, good, bad, happy, sad!”   Sandy Wells