New Year…. Old News ?

Happy 2015!
Hard to believe January is almost over. The New Year excitement has come on gone for most. For me it’s just beginning and It’s going to be a big year!
I’m usually on the ball with my resolutions and typically have them in progress within’ the first week of January. 2015 has been a bit different. YES, I’m a resolutions girl! More specifically, I’m a “list” person. You know the type, I’ve got a list for everything and my lists are everywhere. Making lists makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. I’ve done a lot of reading about successful people and it seems that what all successful people have in common is that they write things down.
This year I was a little slow putting down on paper what I wanted to accomplish. To be honest I looked at 2014 and was so overwhelmed by what I had done that I really had to evaluate what I wanted to focus on. I certainly don’t want to sound self absorbed or like I’m bragging, but the last two years have been a blur and I’ve accomplished so much that I really wanted to zero in. I also had the realization that all I did in 2014 was only the start. What I want in 2015 is going to push me in ways that are going to be uncomfortable and scary.
I had some very specific goals for 2014. The goals revolved around recording my new EP, Health and Fitness and financial goals. In two years I have dropped over 50lbs and lost over 12 inches. I have recorded a second EP with all New original material with arguably some of the of the best in Nashville when it comes to producing. I’ve done all that and am not living on the street in a cardboard box :)!
What’s next? It’s time to put myself out there. 2015 is about taking the next steps. Steps I’ve never taken before and they scare me to death.
Life is about living, it’s about choosing and realizing that there is another side to every choice we make. There is always to stay right where we are in the blessings and comforts of the life we’re in. I don’t think there is anything wrong with choosing to stay where we’re at, in fact, sometimes it’s the right choice. The problem is too many times we make the choice to stay out of fear of the unknown and uncontrolled.
In 2015 I am choosing to dip my toes into the waters of the unknown because the Lord has lead me to the water for a reason :)!

I hope you’ll be along for the swim! I may need a life boat LOL

Make your goals count and don’t sell your dreams short, big or small

Life’s about learning from the living, loving in the minute, taking what you’re giving and finding what you’re missing!

God Bless