New EP update!

Great News! We’ve got the final mixes for the songs we recorded in June! I can’t wait to share the new EP with you all. We are one song away and I have been going crazy trying to decide what to record next. It’s always hard to come up with the right songs. You all thought whatever we wrote ended up on the album, right? :)! LOL, Wrong!
Not the way it works! Writing a song is only the beginning. Putting an album together takes a lot of thought. You’ve got to make sure that all the songs fit and that each song compliments the other, it’s a lot like decorating a room in a house. The house has a feel and though each room is different it all works together and flows. Tempo, pace, lyrical content, all of these things come into play when you’re putting songs together.
I’ve been working through some new and old ideas to find the best to share.

There’s also some things brewing in Nashville in regards to this new EP!! There’s been some quiet whispers with some key people, not ready to share but, it’s positive news!!!

I can’t wait to share and I’m hoping I’ll have the EP ready by the end of 2014.

Stay tuned 🙂