Need a Break!

I’m not taking a break however, sometimes in life you have to give yourself a break!

I love music.   It is where my heart is however, the dream I have and the goals I’ve set are not easy.    It’s funny,  people will say to me “Isn’t this so much fun, aren’t you having a blast?”

Truth? Yes,  music is a blast and fun, however, it’s exhausting :)!   Sometimes your hearts passion can absolutely tear you a part.  It’s a lot like Love, not being sappy but, love isn’t easy right?   I mean if it was, none of us would connect with lyrics like, “love hurts, love wounds, love scars……”

I was always taught that you never do things half-assed, excuse the expression but, those are Grandpa’s words and I don’t change those :).   You do everything fully and you never settle for anything but your best.  If you think about it, that’s a tall order!   It’s amazing the pressure we put on ourselves and our lives when we go after what we want and never settle, and most of the time we  think we’re not at our best!   We’re our own worst critic in everything we do.

I am learning  that sometimes I need to give myself a break.  I need to take time to breathe and realize that it’s okay to sit, reflect, just be.    This is hard to do and I know I’m not alone.      Since as far back as I can remember I have always been a doer!   If you sleep you miss something.  If you’re not in the know, you’re not gonna know!  If  you wait for something to come to you or take a break somebody or something passes you and that’s just not okay.  Well, truth is, it’s okay!

To stay grounded and be the best you’ve got to be focused and when you’re always going and doing when do you focus?

I am taking a break, an hour, an evening to just be.       My just being tonight was, cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen (deep cleaning),  changing out a curtain rod and making myself the best Dirty Vodka Martini ever 🙂 LOL !    Funny the stuff that makes you feel reconnected and grounded!

Take a breathe with me, find a way to stop and connect with you! Give yourself a break,  take a step back and look at how far you’ve come and celebrate it.    Remember, tomorrow will be here soon enough and you know the minute you’re eyes open they’ll be focusing again on your goals and your dreams and not how far you’ve come but how far you want to go !!!!