Happy Post Halloween, soon to be Happy Holidays ūüôā

As always it’s unbelievable how fast¬†time flies.¬†¬† This has been a life changing year for me and many that I know.¬† As I’ve said in the past and often my music eludes to¬†the strength you find in some of the darkest moments.

This year I’ve been more personally affected by life changing events as well, I have friends and family affected by some very scary things.¬†¬† Through these events, through the amazing outpouring of friendship and blessings I am more inspired to give than ever.

I have the privilege of being on the Board for the H.E.R.O.E.S Benefit foundation.¬† HEROES is a foundation to support fianc√©’s of fallen vets.¬† Alex, an amazing woman who lost her fianc√©’ decided through her loss and sorrow she would heal through helping others!

Last week we had a Harvest Festival for HEROES and we had an incredible turn out.  I had an opportunity to share some tunes as well as listen, hear and share with other veteran musicians.  Before the Festival we decided to start a campaign, Operation Enduring Love.  We kicked it off at the festival.

Here is the deal;  Life is hard.  Now more than ever we are bombarded with all of the negative, all of the evil that this world and life can bring.  Here is the truth, in the wake of the recent shootings, terror attacks and all of the other negative evil things that we see and hear and many experience and survive, there is more!   There IS LOVE and friendship and WE are stronger than any of this.   Operation Enduring love is about proving to the evil and the tragedy that WE win when we show love and choose to support one another.

#LoveEndures is this, take a picture of a moment where you see love in action.  It can be the smallest thing but, it is there, love is acting everyday, every minute and Operation Enduring love is about capturing that moment and sharing it.

In the smallest moments, sharing a smile, a hug, a reach out to ask if someone has a need, it doesn’t take much to share Love.

I hope you’ll share and use the hashtag¬† #LoveEndures

I hope in this, maybe you’ll have an opportunity¬†in whatever you’re going through to experience¬†the support, love and friendship that is there.

God Bless –