Honored and Amazed

It never ceases to amaze me the strength found in some hearts. What an amazing summer we’ve had. So many great experiences and opportunities. This past week has to be the highlight of them all.
A few months ago I received a message from a woman I didn’t know. She messaged me, asking if I would be willing to do a benefit concert. She briefly shared that the concert was to raise money for military families. At the time this was all the information I needed to say yes we will do whatever we can.
As several months passed I learned more about this amazing woman’s story and what the benefit was all about. It was not until I met Alex and experienced her spirit and saw her strength and poise that I was humbled and rocked to my core.
Alex and her fiance Justin had planned to marry upon his return from his second deployment in Afghanistan. After they married she planned on going to school to become a veterinarian. Cpl. Justin Clouse gave the ultimate sacrifice in 2014 and did not return to Alex from Afghanistan.
This past Thursday evening Alex, held the 1st Annual Heroes Benefit concert in honor of Justin and all of those who struggle with the same hardships she did. The event was held to bring awareness and raise money for fiance’s, significant others and family members of fallen soldiers who are not eligible for benefits or aid. Alex’s story is only one of so many. Even through her loss, heartache and hardship she is finding a way to give back, be courageous and bring joy and hope to others.
So often we go through this life not realizing that the people surrounding us, standing right next to us are all too often dealing with pain and hardship yet they are smiling and carrying on through it. We don’t recognize that the struggles they face only start with a loss but continue through the act of rebuilding their life. We forget how much our military and their families give.
I cannot thank Alex enough for sharing her life and her story to help remind us that it’s about moving forward and fighting for ourselves, our loved one’s and each other. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to give back.
Alex, thank you for reminding us to “move” :)! Thank you Mr. Ned Ledoux for sharing your time and talent.

I hope you will look into this amazing cause and find a way to give back!

https://www.facebook.com/Heroesscholarship/Alexandra Garritson

Heroes benefit 1

Heroes Benefit Concert

God Bless