Am I really a flake?

So…… anyone who’s been in a band knows that artists by their very nature are a bit different.   Musicians being “Artist’s”  are no exception.

I believe that one of the biggest frustrations that bands (including me) have is the ability to find dedicated people.

The last several months have been a struggle, let’s face it the last year! We’re working hard to find a core group to hit the road with and though we have some very key musicians covered (thank you, you know who you are)  we are struggling to find others who really fit.

So I am at the moment of truth!  There are two common factor’s in the recent musician struggles.  One is Sandy Wells and the other is the instrument!

Dear God is it me?  Am I really a flake 🙂

For the record – No names mentioned except my own in this post 🙂