What an amazing summer! We have had a blast working with some of the most amazing and talented people! Having the opportunity to open for Kristian Bush and Aaron Watson were absolutely some of the highlights of this summer!

Aaron Watson

It’s been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to focus on the new release and now it’s TIME!!!

So here it is SEPTEMBER 30th the New EP will be available for download on iTUNES and website! I am so excited and can’t believe it’s taken all summer. I hope you all enjoy and share in my excitement for another chapter in the journey.

Drive is a compilation of a more poppy side of my style with a hint of the past. Each song comes from my continued journey and experience in this life. It is wrapped around the literal meaning of “Drive” with each song meant to be your companion on a highway with the windows down and the road ahead. It also carries the deeper meaning of being driven to continue to push through.

Thank you again for all of your continues support
God Bless

Crestfest 2015 August 8th

We’re so excited to be playing the Crestone Music Festival this year. What a great time and great scenery in Crestone Colorado. Hope to see you all there. There are two stages with artists from all over. Headlining Saturday night is Robben Ford and headlining Sunday night are the Young Dubliners. We’ll be bringing some Country flare Saturday afternoon 1:30.
Get your tickets

Love the Fans!

What an incredible weekend we had! Thank you all so much for coming out Friday and Saturday night to see us! Gotta say there’s nothing like playing for your home crowd, which for us is right here in Colorado Springs!

We can’t say enough how much we appreciate all your love and support!

Check out these great pics from our weekend!!!!

New Year…. Old News ?

Happy 2015!
Hard to believe January is almost over. The New Year excitement has come on gone for most. For me it’s just beginning and It’s going to be a big year!
I’m usually on the ball with my resolutions and typically have them in progress within’ the first week of January. 2015 has been a bit different. YES, I’m a resolutions girl! More specifically, I’m a “list” person. You know the type, I’ve got a list for everything and my lists are everywhere. Making lists makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. I’ve done a lot of reading about successful people and it seems that what all successful people have in common is that they write things down.
This year I was a little slow putting down on paper what I wanted to accomplish. To be honest I looked at 2014 and was so overwhelmed by what I had done that I really had to evaluate what I wanted to focus on. I certainly don’t want to sound self absorbed or like I’m bragging, but the last two years have been a blur and I’ve accomplished so much that I really wanted to zero in. I also had the realization that all I did in 2014 was only the start. What I want in 2015 is going to push me in ways that are going to be uncomfortable and scary.
I had some very specific goals for 2014. The goals revolved around recording my new EP, Health and Fitness and financial goals. In two years I have dropped over 50lbs and lost over 12 inches. I have recorded a second EP with all New original material with arguably some of the of the best in Nashville when it comes to producing. I’ve done all that and am not living on the street in a cardboard box :)!
What’s next? It’s time to put myself out there. 2015 is about taking the next steps. Steps I’ve never taken before and they scare me to death.
Life is about living, it’s about choosing and realizing that there is another side to every choice we make. There is always to stay right where we are in the blessings and comforts of the life we’re in. I don’t think there is anything wrong with choosing to stay where we’re at, in fact, sometimes it’s the right choice. The problem is too many times we make the choice to stay out of fear of the unknown and uncontrolled.
In 2015 I am choosing to dip my toes into the waters of the unknown because the Lord has lead me to the water for a reason :)!

I hope you’ll be along for the swim! I may need a life boat LOL

Make your goals count and don’t sell your dreams short, big or small

Life’s about learning from the living, loving in the minute, taking what you’re giving and finding what you’re missing!

God Bless

Dates Set ……… 2nd Album

It’s set!! We head back to Nashville in January to finalize the last song for the 2nd EP. We are so excited!!! It’s taken a year and so worth the wait. It’s been an amazing process and experience so far. It’s hard to believe that our first trip recording was in Feb of this year. I can’t believe how time flies!!!

I hope that we will be able to release the full EP by the end of March.

You know I’ll keep you all up to date on new and exciting news 🙂

As always thank you for your support!

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you will find time to enjoy friends, family and remember the blessings we’ve been given.


I normally don’t do this but, a lot of people wonder how songs come about. Here is a tune I just came up with tonight. I sat down with my guitar and started playing chords, moving the Capo around and seeing what stuck. This is an idea that stuck and it feels pretty good. It all starts will a little phrase for me and then it goes from there.

Thank You!

I wanted to thank everyone who came out to the Carey-On last night, it was amazing! Thank you to all of our closest friends, fans and family for surprising me with a Birthday Celebration!
I have to say looking out and seeing a room full of your own face staring back at you is a bit strange 🙂 LOL but, so much fun. The cake was Beautiful, thank you Ruth and Mom so much.
Waking up this morning all I could do was smile. I am so blessed to be surrounded and supported by such great people. You all make this journey so much fun!

Thank you LeShawn and Erin from the Carey-On you treat us so well! Carey-On Saloon 10.25

10.25 bday Carey-on

10.25 bday

10.25.bday CareyOn

What’s happening…….

OCTOBER…. are you kidding me? Where in the world has this year gone? I can’t believe how much has happened this year, it’s been amazing and it’s not over yet!
We’ve had a busy summer and can’t wait for what’s to come in the next several months.

We will be heading back to Nashville to finalize the new EP. I have to admit that I’ve been running into some writer’s block the last several weeks. I have ideas but, nothing seems to be standing out for me. The right song will come together I just need to keep pushing through and be patient.

Things are going well in Nashville and we are getting really great feedback. Our next trip should reveal some exciting next steps and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

As always I feel forever blessed by the support and love from all of you.

Thank you and God Bless,


Turn on the INTERNET RADIO.. we’re on!!!

I am so excited to be listening with all of you tonight to the very first Internet Radio (any radio :)) play of my new single Empty Hearts Broken Bottles!! How exciting!!!
Can’t thank The Bandwagon Network enough for taking time to support local Indie artist!!

Let’s all listen together!!!

another step forward!!! Here we go!!