We had an amazing 2018!

It was a year of change, realization and transformation.  Here we are in 2019 and ready to take life to the next level.  I am so appreciative of all of the people that continue to love and support us.

I wish you an incredible 2019 and hope you will continue to ride along side this crazy journey.

I am resolved to spend more time sharing with you, my friends and fans, and hope you will hold me to it!

Cheers ti 2019 and #findingmymarrow

See you soon!


Happy Post Halloween, soon to be Happy Holidays 🙂

As always it’s unbelievable how fast time flies.   This has been a life changing year for me and many that I know.  As I’ve said in the past and often my music eludes to the strength you find in some of the darkest moments.

This year I’ve been more personally affected by life changing events as well, I have friends and family affected by some very scary things.   Through these events, through the amazing outpouring of friendship and blessings I am more inspired to give than ever.

I have the privilege of being on the Board for the H.E.R.O.E.S Benefit foundation.  HEROES is a foundation to support fiancé’s of fallen vets.  Alex, an amazing woman who lost her fiancé’ decided through her loss and sorrow she would heal through helping others!

Last week we had a Harvest Festival for HEROES and we had an incredible turn out.  I had an opportunity to share some tunes as well as listen, hear and share with other veteran musicians.  Before the Festival we decided to start a campaign, Operation Enduring Love.  We kicked it off at the festival.

Here is the deal;  Life is hard.  Now more than ever we are bombarded with all of the negative, all of the evil that this world and life can bring.  Here is the truth, in the wake of the recent shootings, terror attacks and all of the other negative evil things that we see and hear and many experience and survive, there is more!   There IS LOVE and friendship and WE are stronger than any of this.   Operation Enduring love is about proving to the evil and the tragedy that WE win when we show love and choose to support one another.

#LoveEndures is this, take a picture of a moment where you see love in action.  It can be the smallest thing but, it is there, love is acting everyday, every minute and Operation Enduring love is about capturing that moment and sharing it.

In the smallest moments, sharing a smile, a hug, a reach out to ask if someone has a need, it doesn’t take much to share Love.

I hope you’ll share and use the hashtag  #LoveEndures

I hope in this, maybe you’ll have an opportunity in whatever you’re going through to experience the support, love and friendship that is there.

God Bless –



Life is too short

Life has a funny way of bringing everything into perspective.  2017 has been somewhat of a trying year so far.  It seems that in the scariest most trying times, come some of the most enlightening and meaningful lessons.

Life is too short too…..

Second guess yourself,

Not believe in your gifts and share them,

Spend more time working than enjoying the blessings of the people and family your surrounded by,

Spend hours looking at life through the lens of a phone!

It’s time to take a chance, talk to someone you don’t know, have lunch with a friend, start seeing the good and sharing the positive.  Believe in you and the amazing person you are and what makes you unique!

God Bless!


Excited! Elevation Celebration July 2nd

We are so excited to be a part of the Elevation Celebration in Centennial Wyoming. What an honor to be a part of such a great cause. It’s going to be an incredible day with incredible music and fun.
If you’re looking for something to add to your 4th celebration this is the place to be.


Annual music and arts festival to raise money for the Search and Rescue and volunteer Fire Dept. go to www.facebook.com/elevationcelebration for line up details

See you all there and hope you have a very Happy 4th of July !

Honored and Amazed

It never ceases to amaze me the strength found in some hearts. What an amazing summer we’ve had. So many great experiences and opportunities. This past week has to be the highlight of them all.
A few months ago I received a message from a woman I didn’t know. She messaged me, asking if I would be willing to do a benefit concert. She briefly shared that the concert was to raise money for military families. At the time this was all the information I needed to say yes we will do whatever we can.
As several months passed I learned more about this amazing woman’s story and what the benefit was all about. It was not until I met Alex and experienced her spirit and saw her strength and poise that I was humbled and rocked to my core.
Alex and her fiance Justin had planned to marry upon his return from his second deployment in Afghanistan. After they married she planned on going to school to become a veterinarian. Cpl. Justin Clouse gave the ultimate sacrifice in 2014 and did not return to Alex from Afghanistan.
This past Thursday evening Alex, held the 1st Annual Heroes Benefit concert in honor of Justin and all of those who struggle with the same hardships she did. The event was held to bring awareness and raise money for fiance’s, significant others and family members of fallen soldiers who are not eligible for benefits or aid. Alex’s story is only one of so many. Even through her loss, heartache and hardship she is finding a way to give back, be courageous and bring joy and hope to others.
So often we go through this life not realizing that the people surrounding us, standing right next to us are all too often dealing with pain and hardship yet they are smiling and carrying on through it. We don’t recognize that the struggles they face only start with a loss but continue through the act of rebuilding their life. We forget how much our military and their families give.
I cannot thank Alex enough for sharing her life and her story to help remind us that it’s about moving forward and fighting for ourselves, our loved one’s and each other. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to give back.
Alex, thank you for reminding us to “move” :)! Thank you Mr. Ned Ledoux for sharing your time and talent.

I hope you will look into this amazing cause and find a way to give back!

https://www.facebook.com/Heroesscholarship/Alexandra Garritson

Heroes benefit 1

Heroes Benefit Concert

God Bless

2016 is looking good !

It’s hard to believe April is almost over! It’s been a very busy year already and it’s only getting busier. I am so excited for the upcoming months. We have so many great opportunities and the new creative ideas are really coming.
We’re ecstatic to have Mountain Country playing our tunes and what an incredible station. I’ve started a new weekly live event via Periscope on Thursday nights which has been fun and a bit challenging. I love performing and sharing music with friends and fans but, talking about myself or life in general on a regular basis is more challenging than one would expect :).

I really hope you all will join us for some of our events this summer and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Please check out this amazing video from our time in the Mountain Country studio!
(click on the link or highlight and open)


As always, dream big and follow your heart!


The Love Month !

Wow how time goes! I cannot believe we’re already in February. What a great year we had in 2015 with the release of Drive and some amazing shows including opening for Kristian Bush and Aaron Watson.
I am so very excited for what’s to come this year. I have, like many others made some resolutions this year and I intend to follow through :).
It amazes me how life spins and spins and before you know it the Mary-go-round is out of control and getting off means a major tumble. My biggest hope and goal for myself is to control the speed on the playground and to really take in every moment.
I am so blessed in my life and all too often I’m going so fast I don’t stop a take in all the blessings I have. I hope you’ll do the same. Be in the moment and take in all the amazing blessings in this life.
The title “The Love Month” was chosen with a fun challenge in mind. I often find that we live in a very negative world. We are surrounded by social media that can cause so many insecurities and it makes no sense but, it happens. I have found that sometimes after reading or cruising facebook or Twitter I feel bad about myself. Another artist has more followers, someone negatively responded to my post, etc. Come on this is crazy but, I believe this is a phenomenon that is taking us over. Here’s my challenge for Feb. Daily I am going to post something I love about myself or my life. The idea is that I become my own cheerleader and am able to remind myself of my amazing qualities that make me unique.
I hope you’ll share in this fun and confidence boosting challenge! We are all amazing individuals with so much to offer. We can only be our best when we believe in ourselves first.

Here’s to the amazing person you are and to a very exciting 2016!

Can’t wait to see you at the next show and God Bless!


What an amazing summer! We have had a blast working with some of the most amazing and talented people! Having the opportunity to open for Kristian Bush and Aaron Watson were absolutely some of the highlights of this summer!

Aaron Watson

It’s been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to focus on the new release and now it’s TIME!!!

So here it is SEPTEMBER 30th the New EP will be available for download on iTUNES and website! I am so excited and can’t believe it’s taken all summer. I hope you all enjoy and share in my excitement for another chapter in the journey.

Drive is a compilation of a more poppy side of my style with a hint of the past. Each song comes from my continued journey and experience in this life. It is wrapped around the literal meaning of “Drive” with each song meant to be your companion on a highway with the windows down and the road ahead. It also carries the deeper meaning of being driven to continue to push through.

Thank you again for all of your continues support
God Bless

Love the Fans!

What an incredible weekend we had! Thank you all so much for coming out Friday and Saturday night to see us! Gotta say there’s nothing like playing for your home crowd, which for us is right here in Colorado Springs!

We can’t say enough how much we appreciate all your love and support!

Check out these great pics from our weekend!!!!

New Year…. Old News ?

Happy 2015!
Hard to believe January is almost over. The New Year excitement has come on gone for most. For me it’s just beginning and It’s going to be a big year!
I’m usually on the ball with my resolutions and typically have them in progress within’ the first week of January. 2015 has been a bit different. YES, I’m a resolutions girl! More specifically, I’m a “list” person. You know the type, I’ve got a list for everything and my lists are everywhere. Making lists makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. I’ve done a lot of reading about successful people and it seems that what all successful people have in common is that they write things down.
This year I was a little slow putting down on paper what I wanted to accomplish. To be honest I looked at 2014 and was so overwhelmed by what I had done that I really had to evaluate what I wanted to focus on. I certainly don’t want to sound self absorbed or like I’m bragging, but the last two years have been a blur and I’ve accomplished so much that I really wanted to zero in. I also had the realization that all I did in 2014 was only the start. What I want in 2015 is going to push me in ways that are going to be uncomfortable and scary.
I had some very specific goals for 2014. The goals revolved around recording my new EP, Health and Fitness and financial goals. In two years I have dropped over 50lbs and lost over 12 inches. I have recorded a second EP with all New original material with arguably some of the of the best in Nashville when it comes to producing. I’ve done all that and am not living on the street in a cardboard box :)!
What’s next? It’s time to put myself out there. 2015 is about taking the next steps. Steps I’ve never taken before and they scare me to death.
Life is about living, it’s about choosing and realizing that there is another side to every choice we make. There is always to stay right where we are in the blessings and comforts of the life we’re in. I don’t think there is anything wrong with choosing to stay where we’re at, in fact, sometimes it’s the right choice. The problem is too many times we make the choice to stay out of fear of the unknown and uncontrolled.
In 2015 I am choosing to dip my toes into the waters of the unknown because the Lord has lead me to the water for a reason :)!

I hope you’ll be along for the swim! I may need a life boat LOL

Make your goals count and don’t sell your dreams short, big or small

Life’s about learning from the living, loving in the minute, taking what you’re giving and finding what you’re missing!

God Bless